Consulting Services

Facilitation and Mediation

Includes facilitation in a variety of formats (meetings, workshops, one-on-ones, charrettes, focus groups, etc.); translation and interpretation; organization and management of community advisory committees; and working with communities to advance complex issues while representing multiple perspectives.

Communications Strategy

Includes communications design, which may include development of complex graphics and print; marketing, such as marketing plans and messaging; social media and online engagement, such as blogging, tweeting, texting and other technology tools and media that convey information (visual simulation, videos, etc.).


Includes community engagement strategy development; capacity building within communities to encourage engagement in county programs and projects; fostering the informed consent process; developing culturally-specific content and outreach; use of multiple outreach methodologies, such as distributing fliers, door knocking, tours, workshops, bus stop conversations, kitchen conversations, administration of in-person and online surveys, listening sessions and design charrettes.

Event Planning and Coordination

Includes event coordination and planning, such as hosting and convening; A/V needs; technology-assisted ranking/voting/polling; interpretation; and security services.

Process and Outcomes

Includes defining desired outcomes; process and methods of measurement; collaborative and inclusive needs assessment; collection of input and data; synthesis and analysis of findings; report writing, evaluation and presentation; and familiarity with federal and state programs.