Focused on Change

Franke Wilson Consulting focuses on positive change and organizational growth through tools such as facilitation, communication strategy, engagement/outreach, event planning & coordination, process & outcomes, and social marketing. What can we do together? We can start a new nonprofit organization, develop a communication plan, be your public policy partner, change attitudes and behaviors of your target audience, study an issue, or transform your organization. Franke Wilson Consulting has the experience and is well connected to tools, people, organizations and issues necessary to make a difference for your organization or project.

In 2019, Nancy received a certificate in Social Marketing and Health Communication from The Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy of the City University of New York (CUNY). The CUNY is home to outstanding leaders in Social Marketing including R. Craig Lefebvre and P. Christopher Palmedo.

Our Clients

A sample of our clients include: Hennepin County Medical Center; Minnesota Department of Public Safety; Minnesota Oral Health Coalition; North Memorial Medical Center; Local Government Information Systems or LOGIS; National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; Hennepin County Public Works; Center for Alcohol Policy; Youth Express; Emergency, Community, Health and Outreach (or ECHO); the Minnesota Board of Firefighter Training and Education; Safe Life; and Think Small, to name a few.

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