A Different Type of Consulting Firm

nancy franke wilson

Hello, I’m Nancy Franke Wilson. I started Franke Publicity in 2000 as a way to leverage earned media and garner support for government and non-profit organizations. I also wrote state, federal and private foundation grants. As the landscape of media and fund development changed, so did the focus of my work. Franke Publicity then transmuted into Franke Wilson Consulting. With Franke Wilson Consulting, more of my attention turned strategic communications, social marketing, organizational development and partnership marketing. As an independent consultant with a large and varied professional network, I often invite other consultants to join our work as a way to assure positive outcomes and enhance our work together.

Backed by a Varied Set of Experiences and Skills

  • Extensive government experience
  • Media and public relations
  • Public policy
  • Non-profit management and leadership
  • Grants and fund development
  • EBT, Inc Coach and Provider
  • Wide variety of focus areas; public health, public safety, transportation, medical, dental, political and wellness
  • Nancy is a proven leader, innovator, collaborator, speaker/presenter, and connector

Focused On Change

We are deeply committed to helping our clients create positive change and organizational growth.

We incorporate a variety of tools and strategies including facilitation, communication, engagement/outreach, event planning and coordination, process and outcomes, and social marketing.

Our Approach

Do meaningful work with great people.

We seek only projects with organizations and people who are looking for the next great idea, a fresh approach or the progressive solution to that pressing issue.

Why Us?

More than 20 years experience, a diverse portfolio, and a strong belief in positive outcomes.

Looking to hire a consultant? Let our experience and connections enhance your organization’s mission.