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Franke Wilson Consulting focuses on change through tools such as communications, development, government relations, and social marketing. We can start a new organization, develop a communication plan, be your publc policy partner, change attitudes and behaviors of your target audience, facilitate a process, study an issue, or change your organization.  What if you have a need, but not sure who would help you? That's why we are here.  Let's talk about it. A sample of our clients include: Hennepin County Medical Center, Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Minnesota Oral Health Coalition, North Memorial Medical Center, LOGIS, NHTSA, Youth Express, ECHO and Minnesota Board of Firefighter Training and Education and Safe Life and Think Small.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple: Do meaningful work with great people.  We seek only projects with organizations and people who are looking for the next great idea, a fresh approach or the solution to that pressing issue.  We begin by listening to what you need, concidering what you have already done and who your partners are, and then we develop a plan. The Franke Wilson Consulting secret weapons; connections, social marketing, public/government relations, and development.  Working together as a team, we make for a winning combination. What if you need something a little different?  Franke Wilson Consulting will bring in the people we need to meet your needs. It's about you.  It's all about you.

Why Us?

Great question.  Franke Wilson Consulting knows you need something and may not know who can make it happen.  Or, you know exactly what you need done, but you are too busy to burden current staff with another task. That's why we are here.  That is why you contact us. Our principal, Nancy Franke Wilson, is eager, excited and motivated to create a very successful relationship with you and you organization. Nancy will either work independently or bring in complimentary consultants from her awesome network of exceptional professional partners.  It is always about you.  
We are connected while always seeking new friends.  We are experienced, but welcome new ideas.  We acknowledge how things have always been, but aren't afraid to rock the boat. We appreciate your success, while understanding change is the only constant.  We honor your legacy, but believe the best is yet to come.


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